It’s rare for a famous person to find love that lasts. Finding true love as a well-known Christian is even harder. “But singer-songwriter Ciara Wilson (formerly Harris) and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson have found” it. Both of them have had hard relationships in the past, but in each other, they have found a committed “parent and a partner in love and faith. Russell Wilson” calls their relationship “old school love.”

When they met for the first time at “a University of Wisconsin basketball game, they quickly made plans to get together for dinner. When Ciara and Russell first met in 2015, Ciara was going through a” hard breakup with her son’s father, “Nayvadius Wilburn, better known as the rapper Future”, and a custody battle. The breakup “was very public and heated; gossip columnists and even other” singers gave their opinions. During the breakup, the reporters were really following Ciara around, which made it hard for her to keep her first dates with Russell Wilson a secret. What did Future think? He spoke out in public against “both Ciara and Russell, which led Ciara and Future to sue each other for abuse and defamation.

When things cooled down, they both” stopped suing each other. During this time of trouble, the people who would become the Wilsons became close. So strong, in fact, that a year later they got married. Russell had been in relationships that were hard before. He was previously married “to Ashton Meem, a woman he met when he was in high school. They dated long distance while they” went to different schools. They got “married in 2012, just three months before Russell” was picked up by the Seahawks. But two years later, the couple got a divorce, and neither Meem nor Russell has talked about what happened.

The Wilsons both believed in God.

“Living in the public eye adds a lot of pressure that can make life stressful. But the Wilsons managed to stay grounded in their shared Christian faith, which no doubt helps them deal with the dangers of fame. Every” day at 6:00 a.m., they get up and pray together. It’s “a prayer of thanks in which they talk about their plans for the day and ask that it be a good one.

This shared prayer” shows how well the two groups get along. “Ciara recently told GQ magazine that she thinks the two of them are mentally “equally yoked,” which is a” Bible term for how two people are connected. It also shows why they still love each other so much and have rules about how long they can be apart, even though they are both busy celebrities.

They have a mixed family, and Russell helps Ciara raise her son, who is also named Future, with Future. Sienna Princess and Win, the couple’s two children, were born not too long ago. One of the things Ciara likes best about Russell is how good he is at being a parent. “The fact that he is a father is by far one of the most attractive things about him to me,” she told GQ. “Hot. I think it’s warm.”

Trying to be great

The two are well aware that their friendship looks great from the outside. They try to make sure that they and their family live up to that goal. Even before they got married, they both cared deeply about winning and their Christian religion. This method has worked for both of them for a long time. Russell Wilson has been chosen for eight Pro Bowls and has played in two Super Bowls.

Millions of records have been sold by Ciara. Even after she and Future broke up, she kept her head up. As people talked “about Ciara and Russell’s possible relationship on Twitter, Russell himself went on Twitter and wrote, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Ciara didn’t pray for a man, she prayed for herself.” This focus” on themselves, even when things are going wrong outside, is a big part of why they keep doing well at work and in their personal lives.

It hasn’t been easy all the time. When Ciara was going through a hard time, Wilson told “her James 1:2-4: “Consider it pure joy when you face trials and tribulations, because the testing of your faith makes you strong.” It’s a Bible verse that really spoke to Ciara and reminded her that all of her problems have a reason and a meaning.

As they go through life together, they do so with firm faith in the Lord and in each other”. Russell says, “God is the center of everything for us. And that gives us something to stand on. I think God and our religion are at the center of everything we do together, whether it’s business, life, kids, you know, being a parent, or anything else.



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