This actor from Sister, Sister is now a” dad! On Thursday, December 2, Zara Houston was born to Marques Houston and his wife, Miya Dickey. Us Weekly has the exclusive news.

“Miya picked the name Zara because she thought it sounded foreign. Houston, 40, told Us on Wednesday, December 8 that there was no special reason. “She just wanted our daughter to have a name that was unique and easy to remember. It still seems like a dream, like it hasn’t sunk in that we’re not just watching one of our friends’ kids. But the fact that we can’t sleep tells us that we are now parents.”

Before the baby was born, the couple did not tell anyone that they were expecting.

After five months of dating, the actor got proposed to the 21-year-old woman from California in March 2019. “She said ‘YES,'” “Houston wrote on Instagram at the time”.

Two months after Houston defended their age gap, the couple got married in California in August 2020.

“With all that’s going on in the world, my love life shouldn’t be a topic,” “the singer wrote on Instagram in June 2020, during the coronavirus” outbreak. “But since it is, let me just tell you the facts so you don’t have to ‘allegedly’ believe or make up stories…. This isn’t music or TV; it’s my family, my soon-to-be wife, and my life.”

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