Tom Hanks, a famous actor, told his fans some sad news late at night. Janet Marylyn Frager, whom he loved very much, died at the age of 84. Tom shared a special picture of his mother and a touching dedication on his social media accounts as a way to show how much he loved and remembered her.

Tom wrote with feeling in the caption, “This masterpiece? This is my mom. She made a big difference in the lives of a lot of people. Several lives. Today is the day we have to say goodbye to her. I hope you get there all right, mom! Hanx.” These words made him feel both love and sadness for a woman who was very important to him.

Losing a parent is a unique and deep kind of sadness that everyone who has been through it can understand. At this time, the world seems a little darker, and the weight of the loss is almost too much to bear.


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Tom Hanks has always been close to his mother. He would often bring her as his date to award shows and take care of her as she aged gracefully. Tom’s 60th birthday was just a few days before she died. He is said to have spent the day with Janet and the rest of his family.

Since then, Tom’s social media have been full of messages from people who care about him giving their condolences and talking about their own experiences with loss. “My mother died a year ago, so I know how hard it must be for you right now,” wrote one fan. Keep your strength and remember all the wonderful times you’ve had together.” Another person showed sorrow and said that it was sad that Tom died so close to his birthday.

The effect of Janet’s life was beautifully captured in heartfelt messages, such as “And we can thank her for all the lives she made better with her peerless humanity.” She had a huge effect, especially on how her son turned out.

Tom Wilson’s wife, Rita, also used social media to honor the woman who gave birth to her beloved husband and three children. She wrote in her post, “This incredible woman gave birth to my husband and three other children. I’m glad you gave my love to this world. Now that she has peace of mind, she can sleep well.”

Losing a parent is something that many people have to deal with. During this hard time, the outpouring of support and shared sadness show how much Janet Marylyn Frager cared about the people she touched. She left an indelible mark on everyone who knew her.

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