In his Fox News piece, Kevin Sorbo says that Hollywood hasn’t shown as many strong male characters in the last twenty years. He believes that we need more male heroes to show how our ideas about what it means to be a man are changing.

Kevin Sorbo is sad that Hollywood doesn’t have any more manly guys.

After 20 years, the star wrote an opinion piece for Fox News saying that American movies have become more “anti-men.”

A quote from the 2004 movie The Incredibles helped him make his point.

As Elastigirl says, “Leave the men to save the world.” In fact, Sorbo thinks that this “underlies every major entry for cinema’s largest metonym.”

“No matter where we look, strong, sure-of-themselves women steal the show from weak, shy men who fade into the background.” Going down to the basement. I write, “Into the past.”

“In particular, fathers have become the target of every woke Hollywood jab—the bumbling, pointless jerks who don’t do anything for their families or communities but put themselves out there to be laughed at.”

For more than ten years, superhero movies have dominated Hollywood, and most of the guys in them are very manly.

That’s not what Sorbo cares about, though.

In other words, he wants to see more guys that “our sons would look up to and our daughters would date.”

“Today’s society has a very bad idea of what it means to be a man,” he wrote.

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