Before last week’s Clash of the Stars match, two Czech models kissed each other in a flirty way. Karina Pedro and Denisa Ryndova were together for a short time before their four-woman fight at the O2 Arena in Prague.

Before the fight, the two MMA fighters got into a heated argument, and then they shocked everyone by having a passionate kiss.

Facing off is usually a way for opponents to scare each other, with fighters often bumping heads. But at the Clash of the Stars event on March 11, something totally different happened.

Along with their own fight partners, Karina Pedro, Denisa Ryndova, Inked Dory, and Kristal Shine fought.

Before their four-woman fight at Prague’s O2 stadium, the two models put their heads together on stage. Then, Denisa leans in for a cheeky kiss, as if out of nowhere.

Karina gives her opponent a quick smile before grabbing her face and putting one on her cheek, making it clear that they were getting to know each other.

Even though the talk was funny, there could only be one winner. Karaina and Inked Dory won the fight in the end.

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