As a young actor fresh out of high school in 1992, Omar Epps had the chance to work with the famous Tupac Shakur in the movie “Juice.” After a year, he played a famous running back in the college football movie “The Program.” In “Major League II” (1994), the versatile actor played baseball star Willie Mays Hays. In the critically praised film “Higher Learning” (1995), he played a college track star, solidifying his place in Hollywood.

After joining the cast of the long-running medical thriller “House,” where he played the young and ambitious Dr. Eric Foreman, Epps gained a lot of loyal fans. He kept doing a great job on the show for six more seasons, ending in May 2012. In 2007 and 2008, “he won the NAACP Image Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series”.

But he has been married to Keisha for over 17 years, and their love story has been going strong even through his busy work.

Omar Epps married singer Keisha Spivey in 2006. Spivey used to be in the all-female R&B group Total. Their love story has interesting roots. They met and dated for a short time in 1992. Even though they were apart at first, Epps couldn’t get rid of the thought that Keisha was “the one who got away.”

Along with his “Love & Basketball” co-star Sanaa Lathan, Epps dated other women in the years that followed. But his mind and heart kept drawing him back to Keisha.

Getting through a relationship can be hard, especially if you work in both Hollywood and the music business. When a couple has been together for 10 years, people often start to wonder what makes their love last so long.

Omar Epps and Keisha have never thought about breaking up. A big part of their relationship has been how committed they have always been to each other. Even though Epps has big job goals—he even jokes about becoming President of the United States—their love and support for each other is what makes their journey truly unique.

In an interview, Omar Epps talked about how he feels at his sexiest: when he’s with his wife Keisha. Their love story shows how strong love can be, and it’s clear that they have no plans to break up.

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