Cardi B has talked about why she has decided not to include parts of her most private moments in her music.

In a conversation with Complex’s Hot Ones, the Bronx rapper talked openly about her choice to rap about her own personal tastes instead of conforming to what other people wanted her songs to say.

She said, “A lot of people tell me I should put my pain and struggle in my music.” Most people might not be able to understand a lot of my pain, problems, or whatever else is going on. “Oh my gosh, they’re tearing a new a**hole in Twitter because I said this, this, and that.”

“The average person is like, ‘Girl!'” she said. Quit talking! “I have to go to work at 7 a.m.” There are a lot of things I need to do. In other words, I don’t really enjoy making songs. Like I usually do an intro, I’d like to make my intro about everything: all the BS, all the b*tches, all the crap I have to deal with, and then the whole album should just be fun.

In another part of the interview, Cardi talked about the problems she had making a clean version of her new song “Bongos.”

“This is annoying!” This is so annoying!” she said. “It makes me so mad because I just did it almost two weeks ago.” That was it for me. Like, in my new song “Bongos,” I said, “N*gga eat this a** like a plum.” So I’m singing the clean version and telling myself, “Baby eat it up like a plum!”

“And the label is like, ‘No, you still can’t play that for pop radio,'” Cardi said. I told her, “Baby, eat these peaches and plums.” I was so sick of it! I told myself, “I can’t say that.” That sounds really silly. That sounded like something my son would listen to, Kidz Bop. But I have no choice but to say, “Baby, eat these peaches and plums!”

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