Just like always, Blueface’s mom Karlissa Saffold has some very hot things to say about her son’s love life. She’s also already thinking about the future in this way, as if his current baby mama trouble wasn’t enough. A few days ago, Saffold said on social media that she thinks she knows who the rapper’s next girlfriend or childbearing partner is. Megan Thee Stallion seems like a good fit, and she thinks it would be in line with both artists’ styles. Unfortunately, we still don’t know what she means by this, but it’s a very strange idea to think about.

“Megan and Blue need to have a child,” Karlissa Saffold read a fan’s comment, which looked like it was on Instagram Live. “I do not understand why you all tried to make it seem like she was too good for my son. Come on, the b***h just got shot in the foot. Do not mess around with me anymore. My son isn’t going to shoot her. He could shoot her in the behind, but not in the foot.

“Don’t try to play my baby like Megan, she’s too good for my son,” she said. “B***h, I’m the last jerk doing push-ups right now. No harm meant! I don’t mean any harm, but my son went to jail, so I f**k with people. You should know that this is an important matter. It sounds like you think my son isn’t good enough for Megan right now. Can you see me? Let us talk about it. “You want to marry Blueface,” she told him. Before I marry Blueface, I would marry Dre [or someone else in the room with her]. “Just take a look at Dr. Dre!”

At the same time, it seems like there is more criticism than ever about the California MC’s unstable love life. A lot of that is because of the choices he made about it, like putting explicit pictures of his son with Chrisean Rock online or playing hot potato with his ex-girlfriends. It’s not going to slow down any time soon, but one thing is for sure: Meg is probably pulling away.

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