Chiefs tight end Travis” Kelce recently criticized the NFL for emphasizing his relationship with Taylor Swift too much.

During a podcast with his brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, he mentioned Swift’s presence at a recent Chiefs game.

“Let’s get to it. Is the NFL overdoing it?” “Jason Kelce asked his brother”. “What’s your honest opinion? Take away your feelings for Taylor…”

“The Kansas City Chiefs tight end admitted, “I think it’s fun when they show who was at the game. I think it brings a little bit more to the atmosphere and brings a little bit more to what you’re watching. But at the same time, I think-“

“They’re overdoing it,” Jason finished”. “They’re overdoing it a little bit for sure, especially in my situation. [But] I think they’re just trying to have fun with it,” said Travis.

Swift’s appearances at Chiefs games have boosted merchandise sales and ticket sales. StubHub saw a 175% increase in ticket sales for the Chiefs-Jets game after her appearance, and nearly 20% of tickets for the October 1 game were sold on the night of her appearance.

Recently, the NFL heavily promoted Taylor Swift’s appearances at the games on social media, including changing its banner image on its social media account to feature her. However, it has since changed the promotion to focus on an upcoming game.

“I just think the NFL’s not used to celebrities coming to the games. It’s like basketball has it figured out. They’re all courtside, they’re sitting there, they show them once or twice, and then they get back to the game,” Jason Kelce said. “The NFL is like, ‘look at all these A-list celebrities at the game!’”

In the past, The NFL faced criticism for its coverage of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, particularly when it changed its Instagram bio to “Chiefs are 2-0 as swifties.”

Jason Kelce indicated “in the podcast that the NFL won’t likely” cut back on its Taylor “Swift coverage. The Jets vs. Chiefs game drew 2 million female viewers” and had a total viewership of 27 million, possibly boosted by the presence of Taylor Swift and Deadpool stars.

“He’s focusing on football like he always has,” said a source on Travis spending time with Swift. “During the NFL season, his priority is the Chiefs, and it’s all about the team.”

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