As you may have seen on TikTok, RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart and her wife Pastor Lashondra Lockhart are going through a nasty split that is being shown online.

They got married in 2017 and are famous together. On the other hand, Rae is now telling all on TikTok since she just filed for divorce. At first, the entrepreneur tried to be vague about why they were breaking up, but it didn’t take long for her to tell the truth. Rae says one of her problems with Lashondra is that she wasted a lot of their money and started taking money from friends without telling Rae, even though they seemed to be living a good life on social media. Lashondra is said to have even not paid back a loan that Rae got for her.

The owner of the boutique said that she sometimes saw small bills like the cable and wifi getting unpaid. But she said Lashondra would take care of them right away once she saw that they were turned off. Part of the reason she didn’t notice that her wife wasn’t running the home well was because of this. Things took a bad turn when Lashondra didn’t pay the rent and the couple had to leave their home in Kentucky. LaShondra is said to have told Rae it was an error when she asked her about the eviction. Rae found out the truth when she talked to the leasing person and found out that they were quite behind. Rae sent LaShondra the money to catch up and keep them from being evicted, but her wife wrote a check that bounced, which sped up the process. After being told to leave, Rae got another blow when she found out that the water and sewer bill was more than 90 days past due.

As for why she wasn’t paying the bills and putting the couple in debt, LaShondra hasn’t said anything. Instead, she has only posted religious messages on her TikTok while Rae publicly shames her for her many sins. A lot of people have also criticized her for using CashApp to get paid by tenants in the complex she ran. The money probably went straight to her bank account.

Oh no!

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