Bullying Drake’s new record “For All The Dogs” by Joe Budden doesn’t make him feel good.

There was a conversation between the two on Saturday after Budden talked about the new record on a recent episode of his podcast.

He said, “Drake is rapping for the kids.” When I was done with the record, I had to look up how old this n*gga was… You’ll be 37 years old. Stay away from some of these younger n*ggas and don’t f*ck these 25-year-olds. Why are you still making out with 25-year-olds? “You’re a billionaire at 37 years old.”

Budden then said something bad about Drake’s business and compared it to J. Cole’s.

“Cole used to rap about kid stuff…” He began to grow up after that. The singing then sounded like an adult rapping. Drake as an adult should rap for adults, please. “That’s what I don’t like about him today,” he said.

Soon after, Drake responded to Budden’s comments in a long social media post by saying that the rapper-turned-podcaster had not done well in the music business.

“You’re not good at music.” Drake wrote, “You left it behind to do what you’re doing in this clip because this is what pays your bills.” “You changed careers because the things that come to mind and the raps you write had you living from paycheck to paycheck and broke. Also, 450 men would wear dirty Enyce jeans to your shows to mess up their faces to Mood Muzik 29 and act like you’re the goat.”

Still, it looks like Budden is pulling back and saying that he might have gone too far.

“I got a little carried away lol the material needs to grow up a bit though… The tweet said, “1 day.”

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