Cam Newton was named NFL MVP in 2015. On the RG3 and The Ones show, he talked about possibly going back to the NFL if the New York Jets ever needed a quarterback to replace Aaron Rodgers. He told them that the Jets would have to pay a lot of money for him to play in the Meadowlands.

Newton told him, “You not going to sit here and pinch pennies for me, bro.” I’m about to sign this $5.5 million deal, bro. Those times are over. “It would be a waste of time,” the former Panthers quarterback said.

The Jets were upset to lose to the Kansas City Chiefs 23–20. New York has a strong defense and a good amount of attacking firepower. It was the Jets’ bad luck that would not end when Aaron Rodgers got hurt four plays into the season. When asked what he would need to make clear if he had a call with the Jets, Newton said,

Newton said, “No matter what, I’m going to sit up there and think about it as much as I can.” “I don’t want to walk into a situation that doesn’t work.” Have you told Zach Wilson yet? Let’s talk about the fact that Aaron Rogers wants to come back this year. When he comes back, will you just tell him to “watch out”? “There are a lot of things I don’t just decide on the spot,” he said.

Another big reason Newton is happy with his life after football is that he is a father to seven kids and loves being a dad. “I love taking my seven beautiful kids to football practice, tennis practice, cheerleading practice, and all of that.” “Some of the things you need to think about are getting me up and taking them to school every day,” he also said.

Most likely, Newton doesn’t have to worry about the Jets calling. But I think Newton would come back for $2 million; 5.5 is too much.

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