After getting a lot of attention from the media lately, Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole is giving her some words of support.

There has been a lot of backlash and claims that Kelce is dating singer Taylor Swift. The influencer has done a great job of staying out of trouble. She was with Kelce from 2017 to 2022. She has mostly kept quiet about the fact that they broke up, but many people are waiting for her to say something about his new relationship. Another ex-girlfriend of Kelce’s, Maya Benberry, says she is getting death threats from Swift fans. She is still taking the high road, though.


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“If you fall in love, they might call you a traitor.” You’ll hope that the people you care about will look out for you, but you’ll quickly learn that “people don’t protect things they don’t value”. People will say you’re too much, too loud, too vocal, too provocative, and then they’ll say you’re not enough, not successful enough, not good enough, or maybe even smart enough. They will say that the anger and shame you feel are your fault because you are black. You knew better than that. Nicole said in an Instagram video, “They’ll even try to connect your worth to how much money you have.”

People have been talking about Nicole because they think she looks a lot like Kelce’s Black ex-girlfriends. Nicole got a lot of praise on Instagram after she shared her open letter with other beautiful women. Angel Reese, for example, sent her words of support, writing, “From one black girl to another, THANK YOU for speaking up for us!” It was lovely! God and kindness are all that matter, so always walk with them!” Nicole was also told on Essence’s official Instagram, “We love you, Black Girl.”

Nicole has been very quiet since her breakup, so no one knows who she is dating right now.

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