Jada Pinkett Smith thinks about what happened after Will Smith’s incident at the Oscars.

Recently, the 52-year-old actress talked to PEOPLE about the rumors that she had something to do with the situation at the 94th Academy Awards where her husband, Will Smith, confronted Chris Rock.

“The lengths it went to were silly,” Jada said. “But I also got it at the same time.” It was a lie that I had cheated on Will or that I was some kind of adulteress. Will had never done that before. That’s what I think when we look at how people are. People need something to blame when they look at the clues.

“So people didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes,” she said. It didn’t surprise me that I was blamed. But I knew that that’s just how people are.”

As well, Jada says that her first thought about what happened was that it was a planned performance by Will and Rock for the Oscars show.

She said, “I thought, ‘That Will could never hit him.'” The only time I knew it wasn’t an act was when Will began to walk back to his chair.

Will was told he couldn’t go to any “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences events for 10 years after” what happened. This includes the Oscars. Will has already made it clear that his wife had nothing to do with how he reacted to Rock’s joke about Jada’s baldness. In July 2022, Will apologized for what happened and then posted a video on his Facebook and YouTube accounts in which he denied that Jada had anything to do with it and told him what to do in response to Rock’s statements.

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