When Jenner caught up with Thompson, she asked him how things were going for him at the time. This made the Cleveland Cavaliers players thank her a lot for “making this all happen.”

From there, Jenner talked about how unusual it was that the job came together the way it did.

“It’s just a dream,” she said. “I mean, they said you could start Monday, and we could have that call on Friday. No one ever has that happen to them.

Kris gave more information about her role in Thompson’s job at ESPN in a tribute video. She said that she went straight to the Powers That Be to say nice things about the job.

She said, “I was able to reach out to ABC/Disney and really tell them how talented I thought Tristan was and how they would really benefit from something like having him on the ESPN team.”

Thompson was seen praising Jenner for having “mastered” what he called “the art of negotiating.” This is the kind of smooth documentary video that the show is known for. Jenner said that putting things together like this is “so rewarding,” especially when it’s as “easy” as this setup was. She didn’t agree or disagree with Thompson’s opinion.

Watch a clip from the show below to learn more. Jenner also talks about Tristan and Khloé’s very eventful past. The couple has two children together.

Jenner said in the new episode, which is the third one in the show’s fourth season, “We know Tristan has made some mistakes.” He is truly sorry for the harm he caused to Khloé, and I am sure that he thinks about those mistakes every day. Taking care of those kids is really the most important thing for everyone right now.

Thompson was revealed to be coming back to Cleveland in September. He had been away for three years and played for other teams, including the Lakers.

“Tristan embodies every trait we want as part of our team culture, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring his experience and character back into our franchise,” “Cavaliers president of basketball operations Koby Altman” said when the new deal with Thompson was announced.

Kris Jenner needs to “make a couple calls” for US!

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