Monica, an R&B singer, recently talked about how she feels about her place in the music business. She said that she feels like she’s been lost among her R&B peers.

Hiphopdx reported that at the final stop of The Shop’s UNINTERRUPTED Live Tour in Atlanta, which came out on Wednesday, the Atlanta native talked about her job path and why she feels like the underdog with Quavo and Lou Williams, among other guests.

Starting with, “I was able to really enjoy my career because I didn’t have any expectations,” she said. “I wasn’t looking at stats or awards.” My name is and I have broken a lot of records, but I have never won any awards. When you think about it, I’m the one who’s been forgotten the most.

Even though I’m not the favorite, I’m okay with that because I can still do what I want and live my life the way I want. To show how often I’m forgotten, I hosted the Soul Train Awards and was nominated for five awards. Three of my songs were nominated in the same category, but I still lost.

“But I went to eat and then kicked my regular shit,” she said in the end. “It didn’t bother me because that’s not why I do it…That’s really what I mean when I say, “Those places I’m often forgotten.”

Monica was a big deal and a strong presence in the 1990s. She also had a successful career. Several of her songs, like “Before You Walk Out of My Life,” “Don’t Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days),” and “The Boy Is Mine,” were on the Billboard Top 100 Chart. According to Blavity, “The Boy Is Mine” sold 5 million copies.

The singer said it looks like no one is paying attention to her when it comes to awards. The only Grammy she has is for “The Boy Is Mine,” which she won for best R&B performance by a duo or group with singing. The Billboard Music Video Awards, the BET Awards, and the Soul Train Music Awards have also given her one award each.

Almost 40 awards have been given to her, but she has only won five.

She said about the snubs, “To be honest, I think what keeps me going and connected is the authenticity.”

She said, “I’ll always be me.” “I am always the same.” When you see me in a different setting, you’ll always get the same person. That lets me not only change myself, but also grow.”

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