Mariska Hargitay Thankful for 18 Years with Spouse—They Cried over Separating Before Wedding
Hargitay and Peter Hermann married approximately 18 years after falling in love instantly. Christopher Melani, Hargitay’s co-star, recalls the show’s beautiful love story.

Hargitay fell for visitor Hermann. She denied her desire to Hermann, but everyone could see it. They dated soon after.

Hargitay started crying during the sermon at a church after realising that Hermann would be her husband. She cried at the lowly prospect of meeting her future husband.
They dated and planned to marry. After dating, they realised they weren’t compatible. Hargitay stated they cried while talking.

Nonetheless, they reconciled and Hermann decided to marry Hargitay on her 40th birthday.

Santa Barbara hosted their 2004 wedding.

After two years of marriage, the couple learned they were pregnant and ecstatic.

Pregnancy was difficult. By the third trimester, Hargitay had gained weight and developed gestational diabetes. August was born June 28, 2006. Hargitay loved being a mother despite her pregnancy and birth struggles.

They adopted Amaya Josephine and Andrew six months later.

Hargitay says fatherhood is enjoyable yet challenging. She also had to learn to balance career and family.

The duo is one of Hollywood’s most progressive marriages after 20 years.

Hermann claimed a lasting marriage has no secret. He added that they’re not easy but not challenging either. He believed compassion, listening, and reasonable fighting are needed.

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