A loving couple adopts a child and buys her first birthday cake. Her biological family gifts her the next day.
Melanie, six, wanted a family. Since age two, she has been in foster care.

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Who were they? Loved me? She cried and whispered, “Why didn’t they want me? Melanie prayed for something good, and it happened.
Melanie’s social worker brought a young couple. Melanie smiled, the man winked and smirked. Melanie saw her loveliest eyes.

The social worker introduced Gordon and Helen. They want to adopt you.

They do?

Melanie gasped and asked the couple suspiciously, “Why do you want to do that?

Miracles happen unexpectedly.

Helen knelt to look Melanie in the eyes and said, “We want to adopt you because we want the sweetest, funniest, cutest girl in New York City to be our daughter.” Gordon was astonished.

Melanie grinned brightly and hugged Helen. She met a family who loved her for herself!

Melanie lived with Gordon and Helen and realised that parents were great and dreadful. You had two folks who loved and cared for you.
That was dreadful because you had two people loving and recognising when you didn’t do things.

Melanie found she couldn’t avoid homework or her wicked but fun foster home activities. There were so many youngsters, you could do anything.

Since real families care, you can’t get away with anything! It was a joyful epiphany, and Melanie cried, “Thank you, thank you!” when Helen urged her to clean her room before dinner. hugged her.

Helen laughed. Melanie, I must chastise you! She exclaimed.

Melanie begged. You care! ”

After six months, the tiny family settled into a routine. They met. Gordon’s night shift made Melanie quiet in the mornings. Melanie was REALLY afraid by plastic spiders, so Gordon stopped scaring her.
Helen discovered Gordon and Melanie liked peanut butter cookies. They would sit on the back porch and consume a giant packet in five seconds, shoving the cookies in their mouths to see who could eat quicker.

They experienced a joyful family.

Then disaster struck. Gordon was injured at work and hospitalised for weeks. Helen appeared more frightened each day.

Melanie’s smart. She knew doctors were expensive. She hugged Helen when she heard her cry at night.

Helen would mutter, “Thank God for you, Melanie,” and kiss her.

Gordon recovered and returned home on crutches. Bills arrived then. Helen worriedly piled them on the dresser. “We’ll fix it, Helen,” Gordon murmured softly.

“Gordon,” she whispered. “I’m afraid. No longer us. What if Melanie needs something we can’t afford?”

Gordon hugged Helen. “Trust God, my love,” he added. Melanie, why are you sad? Didn’t I see peanut butter cookies on top? ”

Melanie awoke abruptly one morning. She was whistled at! Jumping, her eyes opened.

Balloons filled her bedroom! Helen and Gordon (yep, he was up) were beaming at the foot of the bed wearing funny party hats. Happy birthday! They shouted.

Melanie smiled. “Oh, my birthday! ”

Gordon repeated, “Get up.” A surprise! ”

Melanie rose and joined Helen and Gordon in the dining room. A large banner read “Happy Birthday Melanie!” She saw the most magnificent birthday cake ever on the table!

“For me?

Melanie asked quietly. She approached the cake and saw “Happy Birthday Melanie” written in silver with stars.

“It’s mine!

Melanie exclaimed, crying. Helen and Gordon were horrified by her sobbing.

Gordon begged Melanie. “Why, honey? ”

“I’ve never had cake!

Melanie wept. You love me? Truly adore me? ”

Gordon and Helen hugged Melanie. Helen exclaimed, “We love you.” We choose you! We wanted YOU! ”
The family had a great day, and Melanie went to bed with a tummy ache from eating too much cake, but it was her greatest birthday ever.

On Sunday, someone knocked as the family was getting ready for church. He stood tall. Melanie’s adoptive mother? He asked Helen.

Helen replied. You’re who? ”

“I’m a friend of her late father,” the man stated. I want to see her.

Helen wailed, “You can’t take her.” “The court awarded us her.”

“I don’t want to take her,” he said gently. “Just see her.”
Helen and Gordon held hands in the lounge as the man chatted to Melanie. “Dear,” he said. I think you’ll comprehend this story better when you’re older…”

“I’m seven,” Melanie replied proudly. I’m seven! ”

“I know,” he smiled. I saw your birth. Melanie, you know your parents adored you. Your mother died a year after you were born.

After that, your dad was very sick. He urged me to sell everything to ensure he did everything for you.”

Melanie received a paper from the man. “He wanted me to give you this money when you were eighteen or adopted by a respectable family. Helen and Gordon are kind and love you. For your new family.”

Melanie gave Helen the paper, who cried. A $40,000 check. Melanie’s birth family aided her new family in their time of need!
What’s the moral?

Miracles happen unexpectedly. After giving up hope, Melanie was adopted by a beautiful couple and received an unexpected present from her birth parents.

Family is love and acceptance. Melanie, Gordon, and Helen adored each other and created a great family.

Tell your friends. It could uplift them.

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