Donald Trump, the former businessman turned politician who was the 45th president of the United States, was charged on Thursday with taking part in a hush money plan before the 2016 election. He “is the first president in U.S. history to be charged with a crime.

The” Manhattan district attorney’s office started their investigation while Trump was still president. It has to do with a payment of $130,000 that Trump’s personal attorney at the time, “Michael Cohen, made to adult film star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election”. It is said that Trump tried to stop Daniels from telling everyone about an affair she supposedly had with him years ago. He has said that he has never been seeing Daniels.

Trump is now being charged with 34 felonies for making false business records.

Trump said in a statement that the charge was a “witch-hunt” that would “backfire massively” on President Joe Biden.

“The people of the United States know exactly what the Radical Left Democrats are doing.” It’s clear to everyone. So, he wrote, “Our Movement and our Party, strong and united, will first beat Alvin Bragg, and then we will beat Joe Biden. We are going to get rid of all of these crooked Democrats and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

The former president has said many times that he did nothing wrong and pleaded “not guilty.”

This person “who has been briefed on the procedures for the arraignment of the former president” told Yahoo that Trump was not handcuffed, put in jail, or made to have a mugshot taken.

Trump’s team said that requests for cameras in the courtroom should be turned down “because it will make the arraignment feel like a circus, raise unique security concerns, and go against President Trump’s presumption of innocence.”

While Trump is in court facing all of these charges and his family is there to support him, his wife Melania hasn’t said a word, and rumors say she won’t be there to support him.

A source told People, “Melania is living her own life and is still happy at Mar-a-Lago, where she is with people who love her and who never talk about other people or her husband.”

Some of her friends and family say she’s not happy with how things have turned out for her husband. A source told People, “She is still angry and doesn’t want to hear about the alleged hush money payment.” “She knows who her husband is and shares happiness with her family and close friends.”

Stephanie Grisham, who used to work for the White House, told Inside Edition, “I would be shocked.” It would surprise me if I saw her in court. Because Stormy Daniels is involved. She can’t stand by her man through that.

She isn’t giving him much emotional support, and I’m sure she’s still telling him, “You made this mess yourself.” “I am not going to walk with you and help you as you try to get out of it,” she said.

Grisham remembered when Melania found out about the affair and was angry at Donald. The author remembered, “She always told me, ‘This is his problem.'”

The First Lady has also told close friends and family that she doesn’t want to be a First Lady again and that she doesn’t agree with Donald’s plans to run for president in 2024.

In September, a person close to the Trump family told CNN, “Being the first lady again is not what she wants.” “It was a chapter in her life, and now it’s over.” At least one big reason for this is that Melania loves living her life without being seen by everyone.


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