A glamorous mother of four and grandmother of one from the Gold Coast, she embraced AI during the IT boom. Since 2019, she has flourished on OnlyFans, where users interact with her AI avatar rather than Gina Stewart without realizing it. She has a huge following of 400K on Instagram and 70K on Twitter.

The Gold Coast grandmother is paid by Playboy and OnlyFans. She also unveiled an AI chatbot that looked like her for online chats.

In a written statement, the grandma gave her followers a rundown of her virtual project, saying, “Because the world is changing so quickly, I decided to explore fresh, cutting-edge ideas and also create originality. It seems like innocent entertainment to me.

AI-generated models are becoming more and more popular, drawing thousands of paying followers who want more content from their virtual friends.

Reddit users were tricked into buying nudes in April under the false notion of conversing with a gorgeous woman. However, they later learned that the identity was an artificial intelligence (AI) constructed by a pair of computer science students. Under the alias “u/Cl4ud14,” the experiment entailed paying people to share obscene photographs, and when the fake was widely discovered, it was exposed.

Before being disclosed, Rolling Stone was notified by computer science students that they had made $100 from AI-generated pornographic content. Stable Diffusion’s work Claudia creates realistic visuals in response to text requests. They gave the system instructions to produce a makeup-free selfie of a black woman with straight hair that reached her shoulders, bangs, and a simple background. Claudia’s captivating images and narratives were the main attraction.

Men are reacting to Gina Stewart’s controversial web content and leaving comments even when it features images of her.

One commented: “Gina, you are so very beautiful! I’m hoping you’re considering leaving those clothes on and joining me for some skinny dipping. “The world’s most beautiful woman,” said another.

Gina virtually positioned herself in a bikini on a beach setting in California. One follower replied, “I love that you are in California.”

But a few keen-eyed followers did notice an odd phenomenon, prompting one to ask, “Do you post real photos anymore?” Gina consistently responded to every comment on her bot-managed page with a heart emoji.

Before she adopted AI, she made a sizable income via OnlyFans back in 2019.

Her wealth was so impressive that she moved from a modest Sunshine Coast home to an opulent beachfront four-bedroom mansion.

“I have a wonderful lifestyle now because of my lovely supporters. Thank you.” I drive a Mercedes, I own two jet skis, and I can afford a $1.3 million house for my kid and me,” she said to DailyMail.

Gina recently acknowledged in an interview that she enjoyed spearheading technical innovation. “So I am now the world’s first real-world person with an AI signed to an international modeling agency,” she said, referencing the recent contract her AI persona obtained with a prestigious German modeling agency.


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