The founder of Bad Boy Records told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night that he got in trouble with the film and entertainment company for his realistic costume as Batman’s main enemy. Diddy’s outfit was based on how the late Heath Ledger played the role in the 2012 movie The Dark Knight.

But the 53-year-old told the WB’s lawyers that this year’s outfit will be even better, so they should pay attention.

“I was the Joker last year, and I got a letter from the studio telling me I can’t be the Joker anymore because I broke their trademark by doing it too well,” Diddy said. “Walt Disney sent this letter to me.”

He also said, “How about tomorrow, Warner Brothers lawyers? Can you see me?” Take this picture of me right now. “Legal head, watch what I do tomorrow.”

The 2022 outfit that Diddy wore was so good that he got into a fight with Power actor Michael J. Ferguson in the middle of the street. Ferguson didn’t like Diddy’s outfit and called him a “pussy,” but he didn’t know who was behind the mask. Diddy laughed like the Joker before calling Ferguson a “clown.”

They talked back and forth, and Diddy asked Ferguson what was wrong with him. “Hey kid, what’s up?” He asked, “You don’t like me?” “If you don’t like me, stop putting on that front.” Do it, you jerk. Please do not play with me on Halloween. “N***a, I’m out here with love.”

“You fucking pussy, promise you’ll never talk to me like that again,” he said. We’re enjoying ourselves. Why do you want to attack me that way? Are you having trouble? Are you really draining my energy? What did I make you do? Do you understand who I am?”

When Diddy told Ferguson who he was, things calmed down, and the two of them hugged. D.I. said, “You’re lucky, because I’m really into that.” Ferguson answered, “I’m with it, too.”

Letters from the law for a Halloween costume? That’s different.


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