Sam, the brother of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, has completed his duties as the estate’s administrator and is prepared to give Lauren London’s son his share of what his father left behind, according to information obtained by

Blacc Sam filed his final accounting report, which disclosed the estate’s assets, according to court records that was able to see.

Sam was chosen to handle Nipey’s financial affairs following his passing in 2019. Nipsey’s daughter Emani, whom he had with his ex-Tanisha Foster, and son Kross, whom he shared with fiancée Lauren London, are the only two beneficiaries of the estate.

After a protracted dispute with Tanisha, guardianship of Emani was just granted to Sam and his family.

Sam stated in his submission that all tax concerns and creditor disputes have been settled.

He stated in his report that the estate now has about $11 million on hand. He disclosed that the entire amount in multiple bank accounts belonging to Nipsey’s estate is $5,997,092.

Furthermore, the estate possesses a $17k 2012 Chevy Suburban, a $2.4 million 100% membership interest in All Money Inc., a $606k 100% interest in Marathon Studios, a $271k 100% interest in The Marathon Clothing Inc., and an estimated $913k worth of Nipsey’s trademark.

They also own numerous additional enterprises and businesses valued at more than $1 million. The assets equal $11,355,596.64 in total.

Sam has requested permission from the court to provide the attorneys who worked on the case $130,000.

According to Nipsey’s brother, Kross and Emani ought to split the remaining money equally. Sam countered that Kross ought to receive an extra $113k to make up for the money spent on Emani’s medical care, education, and other expenses.

Lauren will split Kross’s numerous enterprises and receive half of the money in the bank accounts on his behalf.

The final report was released weeks after Sam, his mother, and his sister persuaded a judge to grant them guardianship of Emani rather than Tanisha, as first reported by

The family contended that they could better care for the kid and that Tanisha was not a suitable parent.

Following Nipsey’s passing, Tanisha consented to the guardianship. She stated earlier this year that she wanted it ended. Tanisha said that her financial situation at the time was the only reason she consented to the guardianship.

She said that the family was dictating Emani and Tanisha’s wishes by limiting visits and withholding financial support, demonstrating their “financial position and influence to disregard their priorities.”

Ultimately, the judge decided to side with Nipsey’s family, giving them custody of Emani’s money.


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