Peter was shocked when he saw the strange holes in his thumb for the first time.

He had no idea what might have made this happen or how dangerous it might have been.

But he quickly figures it out. So that afternoon, he went to the doctor. When he looked at it, he saw that Peter had a bad message.

The doctor quickly called the cops once he knew what was going on…

Peter was left behind for no reason. He had been through a number of tests, and when the doctor saw the results, he quickly called the cops and left the room, leaving him alone. Peter was getting scared as he thought about how bad things were getting.

When Peter saw that the doctor had closed the door behind him, he turned bright red. He started to hit the door hard with all his strength to try to open it. And after a few hits, it gave way. He was now facing the doctors who had locked him up…

40-year-old man Peter was not married. He had been on dates before, but they never worked out. He hoped this time would be different. The date had taken a lot of time and thought planning. His hopes were high since it was their first time meeting in person, but things did not go as planned.

Peter’s thumb had a lot of tiny holes in it. He thought something might be stuck on his thumb, but when he touched it, he saw that the holes were going deep into his skin. Another finger was put on it, making it hurt a little more. There was a problem, but what was it?

Peter chose to use tweezers to get the thing out of his thumb. Then he went to the toilet and got his tweezers. But before he could bite his thumb, he stopped. There was no way for him to know what was going on. He had to do something, even though it might make things worse.

An almost-emergency appointment was made at the doctor’s office for that same afternoon. They told him that other people would come before him, but that they would see him by the end of the day at the latest. Along the way, the doctor told Peter that he needed to help him.

He thought about the past week. There wasn’t much strange about what he did. Several days ago, he went for a walk in the woods. He could have reached out and touched something before. Perhaps a mushroom or a dirty piece of moss? That might be a choice…maybe?


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