The popular weatherman Al Roker hasn’t been on TV because he had a serious health scare with blood clots in his thigh that spread to his lungs and sent him to the hospital.

In a touching tweet, Roker talked about how he’s getting better and how thankful he is for the care he’s been getting and the well-wishes from his fans.

Roker has been open in the past about his health problems, such as having prostate cancer and having surgeries for hip and knee problems. Even with these problems, he’s stayed busy and even finished the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

Hoda Kotb, Dylan Dryer, Craig Melvin, and Savannah Guthrie, all from the “Today” show, officially showed their support and said they saw Roker in a good mood.

Roker went back to the “Today” show two months after his stay in the hospital for the blood clots. In an interview with his wife Deborah Roberts, they talked about his ordeal as “frightening” and “the scariest journey,” which showed how bad his health was, which doctors weren’t sure about at first.


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