You were born to moms who drank or smoked while they were pregnant.

They didn’t get their blood sugar checked before eating tuna from a can, aspirin, and blue cheese dressing.

After that horrible event, brightly coloured lead-based paint was put on your baby cots.

You didn’t have child-proof locks on medicine bottles, closets, or doors, and you didn’t wear helmets when you rode bikes. On top of that, travelling comes with risks.

You kids used to ride in cars that didn’t have air bags or seat belts.

Riding around in the back of a van was always a lot of fun. You used the outdoor hosepipe to drink water instead of a bottle.

Sharing a single bottle of soft drink among four friends did not kill anyone.

You ate sweets, white bread, real butter, and soda with lots of sugar, but you didn’t gain weight because

You could leave your house “in the morning and play all day as long as we came back when the lighting came on”. All day, I couldn’t get in touch with you. You were also fine. You spent hours putting together your go-carts from scraps of material, but when you got to the bottom of the hill, you realised you forgot the brakes. After running into the bushes over and over, you worked out the answer.

You didn’t have any kind of video games, 99 cable channels, video cassette movies, Playstations, Nintendos, X-Boxes, surround sound, cell phones, text messages, PCs, the Internet, or chat rooms on the Internet.

Even though you got cut, your teeth broke, and you fell off trees, no one sued you.

You (and most guys) used to make mud pies and play with worms, but the worms didn’t stay away for good.

You made tennis ball and stick games, and even though people told you not to poke out any eyes, you didn’t.

You either walked or rode your bike to a friend’s house and yelled, rang the bell, or called out to them!

After tryouts, not all applicants were chosen for the area “teams.

Those who didn’t had to learn how to deal with” being let down. Take a look! It was very rare for a parent to keep you out of trouble with the law. They really stood up for the law!

This age has produced some of the bravest, smartest, and most inventive people in history!

In the last 50 years, new ideas and innovations have exploded. When you were free, you failed, you succeeded, and you were responsible.


What do you think of this email I just got? Does that make sense? If you were lucky enough to grow up before the government and lawyers controlled our lives for our own good, you might want to send this to other people. You should also send it to your kids so they can see how brave their parents were.

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