It’s terrible to think about losing a child, and no parent should ever have to go through it. I can’t stand the thought of losing not one but two children in one week. One mother, Amber Olsen, had to deal with this sad truth when she lost both of her young girls within a week of each other. On the other hand, a year later, Amber got a blessing from above, which brought her comfort and hope during the worst time of her life.

In April 2018, Jack, who was 6 years old at the time, was told he had strep throat. As it turned out, he lost his fight with the illness a few days later and died suddenly from the complications. As if that wasn’t sad enough, Emily, Amber’s 4-year-old daughter, died suddenly the following week. There have been no new discoveries about what caused her death.

The next year for Amber was without a doubt one of the hardest times of her life. She was very sad and had a hard time making sense of the fact that she had to say goodbye to both of her children. But after that, something very interesting happened.

On the day that Jack’s death had been a year, Amber was taking a walk when she saw a monarch butterfly. That event made me think of Jack in a beautiful way. She couldn’t help but think about her son. When he was younger, monarch butterflies had always interested him. She thought it was a message from him, letting her know he was still there for her and would back her.

Following a few days, on the anniversary of Emily’s death, Amber got yet another message. Kacey Musgraves’s song “Rainbow” came on the radio while she was driving. It caught her attention right away. Inside the song, there are words that say, “It’ll all be okay if you just let it go/Let it all wash out in the rain.” It seemed to Amber that her daughter was telling her through the song to let go of her sadness and find peace in the world.

Since then, Amber has always been able to pick up signs from all of her children. In places she didn’t expect to find monarch butterflies, and the song “Rainbow” has been playing on the radio over and over again. She feels better because of these signs, which help her keep the thought that her children are still with her in some way.

Even though nothing can really make up for what she has lost, Amber still deals with the death of her child every day. Even so, the signs she has been given have given her hope and helped her find peace during the worst time of her life.

In the end, losing a child is a sorrow that can’t be understood, and the thought of losing two children in one week is almost too much to bear. However, Amber Olsen has found comfort and hope in the signs she has gotten from her children since they have died. Her seeing these signs has been going on since they died. However, these signs have helped her feel that her children are still with her in some way, even though they are not physically there. Things that happened in Amber’s life are a good reminder that there is always a chance to find hope and light, even when things are very bad. We just have to be ready to look for it.

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