In a lovely moment, a baby girl with Down syndrome shows off her “new smile” to her adoptive mother.
A cute newborn girl with Down Syndrome wanted to give her new adoptive mother a big grin, which was caught on film. The video generated hundreds of reactions after being uploaded on the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network’s Facebook page.

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Baby H, as she is known to protect her privacy during the adoption process, is now 8 months old and lives with her family in Texas.
Baby H was on her blanket with her mother when she asked how her day was going, and her beautiful face erupted into a famous smile.

Her mother also stated in the interview that her Baby H could do the grin on command. “I love your new grin!” That is the most lovely! “Could you just show me again?” In the following video section, her mother responds.

Of course, Baby H adores hearing her mother’s voice and gives her a big smile. “Oh my goodness, I like that new smile!” says her mother.

Her mother remarked in an interview that her laughter was a reaction to how much she likes her baby’s smile: “One can hear from the mother’s giggles how much they appreciate her grin, and she only grinned like this for a few weeks, so this footage is a treasure for them.”
She stated her hope that all viewers will notice the beauty that people with Down Syndrome possess. While being diagnosed with Down Syndrome can be worrisome, the fact is that your child has a reason and will be able to live a long and happy life.

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What a beautiful baby smile! Please watch this lovely and sweet video.

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