Doctors Stop Life Support, Baby Breathes, Family Says Goodbye
A family said farewell as doctors removed life support from their ailing baby boy. Miracle baby Karson Jax Hough defies expectations by breathing on his own!

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Chelsea Hough’s 36-week birth of Karson Jax was traumatic. After birth, the baby boy’s heartbeat dropped.
Karson’s heart froze. His heart restarted after placing the youngster on his mother’s chest. His heart rate dropped again, and physicians found many medical issues. They placed Karson Jax on life support and performed numerous tests.

boy’s disease was mysterious, yet physicians decided to terminate life support.

“This adorable infant boy has undergone two unusual traumatic conditions that are absolutely unrelated. “One being unidentifiable as to a reason,” wrote the tiny boy’s distraught Nana, Lisa Hough.

Clinicians suspected a left temporal lobe haemorrhage and nonketotic hyperglycinemia in the youngster (NKH). Glycine accumulates in tissues and fluids in rare genetic disease NKH. Chelsea and her family removed life support and let Karson heal in Heaven after much prayer.

Doctors Amazed After Removing Life Support
The family sought prayer before removing life support. As Karson Jax Hough was leaving, something incredible happened. The boy breathed independently!

A miracle happened today!

Lisa Hough wrote on Facebook. “We were given 10 minutes after withdrawing acute care and the ventilator and informed he would not breath on his own and to expect his heart to fail within those 10 minutes… However God and Karson had different plans! ”
Karson breathed and stabilised when doctors removed the ventilator. He breathed, swallowed, and gagged—things experts warned he would never accomplish. The blessing thrilled the boy’s family.

“I don’t know why I thought we were so undeserving of a miracle. We have him, but I don’t know how long. “Now we take,” Lisa remarked.

His improvement is astounding. Lisa and Chelsea Hough are enjoying every moment with beautiful Karson Jax. Only God knows his future.

Miraculous Baby Strengthens
Karson has much to overcome. Miracles happen daily. The miracle baby survived and became stronger when the family removed life support. He was sent home by doctors!

Karson is improving at home. He’s healthy and stable. Amazingly, his Glycine levels have fallen. This adorable infant has progressed beyond the doctors’ expectations!

Please pray for Karson Jax Hough. God has huge things for this precious young child!

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