In the new biography of Willie Nelson, there is a shocking fact that made his family and friends worry again. The book, “Me and Paul: Untold Stories of a Fabled Friendship,” came out this month after a lot of hype.

It’s about Paul English, who became famous for good because of the song “Me and Paul.” Willie Nelson sings about Paul in the song. Paul was not only his friend, but also his manager, bodyguard, and drummer. In the same way, the story draws attention to how important Paul was in Willie’s life.

In his new book, Willie Nelson talks about his friendship with Jackson that goes back 70 years. He also says something scary. He told them about a time when he tried to kill himself.

Someone said that Willie told them at a bar about a time when he felt really, really bad. It was his hope that putting his head on a train track would help him calm down. This was what he did to try to kill himself.

He went back to the bar for more drinks after about fifteen minutes. It was 1961 when his song “Seven Spanish Angels” went big, and it helped him a lot in his work. Even though things were hard for him, he got through them.

One person who did not want to be named said that Willie worked very hard because he was afraid of losing everything. He seems to not want to end his life, but instead would rather die singing on stage, which is what he loves most.

Willie Nelson doesn’t want to stop making music. He told the press that he doesn’t want to quit just yet. He doesn’t want to think about quitting right now.

Williamie told Parade that he doesn’t want to think about how much time he has left on Earth. He wants to enjoy his good life and make it even better.

It was a song he wrote called “Pay for the Day.” It means you need to make some money today. Willie likes to jump up and move and work out. He also learned that singing is good for his lungs. He really wants to sing, especially now that he has to stay inside.

When asked what made him happy, Willie told people to think positively, which is what he did himself when things were hard.

Besides these things, Willie still wants to keep doing live shows over the next few years.

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