Macy’s will no longer carry Diddy’s clothes line, Sean John. An insider with the retail giant told that the rapper’s label will not be available on the department store’s website starting this month.

Sean John is sold on Macy’ and in some stores, but our source told us that corporate has been looking at the brand for a while now because it hasn’t been selling as well as it did in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They said that the choice to “phase out” the label had been made for a long time, even before Cassie’s lawsuit.

“As part of our ongoing review of our brand portfolio, the Sean John collection has started to phase out of our assortment since early fall 2023,” the insider told on Wednesday.

An insider told us that Diddy’s “products are being removed” and “won’t be available on the site.” They also said, “It’s the course of business.” In stores, they are “always evaluating” and choosing “what’s relevant” to customers, but no one is buying Sean John.

As a joke, sources close to Diddy said that the rapper’s brand is being “reimagined” but that there are “no official plans to re-released.” The news about the department store was also said to be “relevant because this is part of the process.”

In 1998, Diddy started the clothes line. In 2016, he gave Global Brands Group 90% of the company, but he bought Sean John back for $7.5 million in December 2021 after the parent company went debt-free.

Sean John has been selling his music at Macy’s since the beginning. In 2010, the music mogul made the store his exclusive partner.

This news source said that Cassie sued the rapper last week. In the explosive case, she said that during their 10-year relationship, her ex-boyfriend raped her, beat her up, gave her drugs, and made her do sex workers’ sexual acts.

She also said Diddy blew up Kid Cudi’s car when he found out they were hanging out together while she and Diddy were not together. Kid Cudi admitted that his car did blow up. A representative for him told the New York Times, “This is all true.”

Diddy rejected Cassie’s claims and said she had threatened to sue him for $30 million before she did so.

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