Someone who works for Amazon started an argument online when they said that people who buy a lot from the site should “put out snacks.”

The Amazon driver Aniya (@aniyamitch) has more than 88,000 TikTok users who follow her because she posts funny videos of herself on her delivery route.

But in a recent video, she suggested that Amazon customers who do a lot of shopping leave snacks and treats for drivers to help them “bond.” This caused a heated discussion in the comments section.

The video has since been watched over 950,000 times. In it, Aniya says, “If you order from Amazon every day, every other day, or pretty much every week, I’m pretty sure you got the same driver almost every day…” and you’re not giving them snacks?! […] You two now have a bond!”

“You guys see each other almost every day, and you ain’t leaving any snacks!?” “You are wrong, you are wrong.”

That being said, many people didn’t agree with Aniya’s position, even though her idea was kind and heartwarming. Someone replied: “That’s a pretty high expectation….you took a job delivering packages I’m pretty sure you get paid for that and shop for your own snacks.”

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“So…. now the Amazon drivers are shaking us down for handouts,” said a second TikTok user. It’s just another way of asking for a tip.

“Leaving snacks is a nice thing to do, but it’s not necessary,” said a third. “Amazon makes hella money they can supply snacks daily.”

After the video went viral, Aniya told BoredPanda that it was just meant to be a bit of harmless fun and a lighthearted post, but it got a lot of angry responses in the comments. Having said that, she also said that she does have regular customers who leave her snacks.

And the thanks from drivers for the kindness is not only touching, but it has also been in the news before.

Inside Edition filmed the moment that Dee, a Kentucky UPS delivery person, got to Toni Hillison Barnett’s house. You can watch the video below.

When Dee walked onto the porch, he saw a big basket full of snacks, treats, and drinks. He was so happy that he couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Oh God! On the doorbell cam, you can hear him say, “You guys are the best.”

And the comments on the video made it clear why more people might want to treat their delivery drivers better. Someone on YouTube wrote, “I love how such a small act of kindness can make someone’s whole day,”

“This really makes our day,” said a second person.

A third person wrote the same thing, saying, “UPS driver here.” It’s really nice when you leave snacks on the porch. Thanks a lot!”

That being said, maybe we shouldn’t just leave treats out for Santa.

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