Hilarie Burton Morgan is loving the way her gray hair looks on its own.

Even though she is only 41 years old, the One Tree Hill star is going against Hollywood norms by showing off her gray hair.

The actress recently talked about her natural transition on The View. She also talked about what it means to work in a business that often values staying young.

“”It’s a weird thing when you were a teen drama actress, and the expectation to be 17 forever is out there”,” Burton Morgan talked about.

The actress has had a rough life. There was no hiding it: “”I dealt with some dark stuff in my younger years”.” But she is looking forward to getting past that time and becoming someone more mature and sure of herself. “”So this idea that you can level up and get to the place where you’re the salty one in the room was exciting to me”,” she said.

Her goals aren’t the same as those of a typical Hollywood starlet. Instead, she gets ideas from famous people like Betty White, Bea Arthur, and Ruth Gordon. One of the hosts of the Drama Queens show said, “That’s who I wanted to be.” It felt good to turn gray early.

When co-host Joy Behar talked about how more and more women are accepting their gray hair, Burton Morgan joked, “Well good, yeah.” “The world will be ours.”

But this isn’t the first time she’s talked about her gray hair. When she was marketing her new book, Grimoire Girl: Creating an Inheritance of Magic and Mischief, she told PEOPLE the same thing.

At the time, the Walking Dead star said, “I think people stress to stay young forever.” “But I found so much more happiness, respect, success, and fulfillment after I decided ‘I’m not going to play by those rules anymore.'”

Burton Morgan started her TV job right after high school, but she feels like her younger years, which she spent giving her all to the audience, weren’t always respected. She sees her acceptance of her gray hair as a way to break free from those limits.

She also makes a good point of the unfair treatment of women in the business. The fact that her husband, whom she lovingly calls a “silver fox,” is going gray has never drawn attention to him. So why would she?

In a business known for always looking for young people, Hilarie Burton Morgan sends a strong message to all women: age is just a number, and beauty can be changed.

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