Paparazzi got Pacino on a date with his new young girlfriend by accident. This famous actor was recently caught by paparazzi for the first time since the big news of his son’s birth. The older grandfather was hanging out with his young girlfriend.

A picture was taken of the unusual couple on a date after eating at a restaurant. It was clear to the fans that their hero worked hard to look young and active for the sake of his young partner.

Like a dad with his kid!, What did she like about him?, I refuse to believe what I see! Is this really happening?

He is still the best actor of all time, no matter what. I have strong doubts that this girl is sincere about how she feels.

I’ll never understand such a link!, Please tell me it’s not true!, You’re not old; you’re just poor.

How long did I rest? He looks so much older now!, Today you won’t see anything sillier than this!

How do you feel?

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