Before they had their third child, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen talked about the hard time they went through when they lost a baby.

They finally told everyone that they had a special way to welcome their fourth child. Read on to find out more about how they told everyone about the birth of their son on Wednesday.

A woman named Alexandra helped the couple have a child by carrying their embryos. They did something very special to thank her for all the help she gave them.

Christy wrote on her blog that Alexandra is the most wonderful, caring, and amazing surrogate they could ever dream. Chrissy knew right away that Alexandra was the right person for them after they talked. She wanted to be friends with Alexandra, play with their kids together, eat dinner with them, and even lay her head on Alexandra’s belly to feel the baby’s kicks and hiccups. Chrissy wanted Alexandra and her family to stay in their lives for as long as possible.

Alex had to go through a lot to get ready for a second try to help them have a baby, which Chrissy talked about. To give them the chance to have a child, Alexandra had surgeries and dealt with the mental problems that came with them.

Alexandra was born at the same time that Chrissy was pregnant with their daughter Esti. Everyone was thrilled to learn that Alexandra was going to have a son. As a celebration, they ate hot pot and watched Vanderpump Rules. Over the past year, their families have become one big mixed family, Chrissy said.

Then, on June 19, Chrissy wrote on Instagram that she had seen her friend and surrogate give birth. Even though there was some chaos, she said it was a beautiful moment and talked about the strength, joy, and love she saw during the birth.

Alex, Chrissy, and John did something really special to thank her for being their surrogate. Chrissy said, “Alexandra, we want to thank you for this wonderful gift you gave us.” We’re excited to let everyone know he’s here. His name, Wren Alexander Stephens, will always be linked to you.

They already have two older children, Luna and Miles. Six months ago, they had their third girl, Esti. John Legend also shared a picture of himself, his wife, and their new baby girl, calling her “Wren Alexander Stephens, our new love.”

The family seems to be very pleased with their new baby. We hope the best for them! You can tell your Facebook friends and family about this good news.

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