It is said that Brad Pitt wants to start a family with his girlfriend Ines de Ramon, even though he is having problems with the kids he has with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

The actor wants to start over with the jewellery designer, especially since everyone knows how his kids, especially Pax, see him as a dad.

They are very much in love, and the fact that she just moved into his Los Angeles home shows how serious they are about each other! He knew from the start that Ines wanted to have a child, and even though they are 30 years apart in age, they have talked about it.

The source also said that Pitt’s friends were surprised by how eager he was to become a dad again, but Pitt insisted that he really wants it.

The person also said that he wants to start over with his kids and make new memories after everything they have been through.

Since Brad isn’t getting any younger, they’d like to do this as soon as possible. He even joked that he might do school runs when he is “70.” He hopes that people will still think of him as a heartthrob!

People who don’t know already know that Jolie and Brad’s adopted daughter Zahara has dropped the Hollywood star’s last name and is now only using her mother’s.

A few days later, a message from their adopted son Pax, written in 2020, was leaked to the public. In it, he said that Pitt made the lives of those closest to him hell all the time.

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