When it looked like Jodie Foster was giving up about a year and a half ago, her fans let everyone know. The star’s face was full of wrinkles and other signs of age, and her body became blurry all of a sudden.

Foster’s power to go back in time is a closely kept secret. One thing is for sure, though: she looks younger and more beautiful every day than she did on the red carpet a few years ago.

While she was shopping with her son in New York City, the actress was taped by strangers. It’s true, even for 58-year-old Jodie: some artists, even at 30, look older.

Foster once said, “I’d like to get old on film like Katharine Hepburn.” “I like being old. I will not go back to my 20s for anything. People this age are full of worry and fear. And that’s not something you should live with.

It’s clear that women in their fifties are more interesting than women in their twenties. Since we’ve lived longer, we’re more sure of ourselves. It doesn’t make sense to act like you’re upset and up-to-date, or to worry about whether you’re cool. It’s a big plus to be who you are.

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