In a shocking turn of events, a young boy named Chase Poust was in a situation that could have killed him while on a family trip at the start of Memorial Day weekend. Chase, his father Steven, and his sister Abigail, who is four years old, were on a boat trip in Jacksonville, Florida, to the St. Johns River near Mandarin Point. It was planned that Steven would fish while the kids swam close.

The river current was much stronger than imagined, which was a bad thing. Even though Abigail was wearing a life jacket, she was quickly swept off the boat. No life jacket on, seven-year-old Chase didn’t think twice about getting off the boat to save his sister. Steven, their dad, also jumped into the water to try to save his daughter, but she moved away.

In an exclusive interview later, Chase talked about the scary event. He said that he let go of the boat “to grab his sister, but he was now in danger: “The current was so strong that my sister—she usually hangs out at the back of the boat—and she let go.” I let go of the boat and grabbed her, but I” couldn’t move.

Even though Chase was scared, he showed amazing bravery and strength. He swam against the strong current without a life jacket. It took him an hour of doggie paddling and floating on his back to save energy, but he finally got to land.

As soon as he hit dry land, he ran to get help. Also, Steven tried to stay in the water with both kids, but he got too tired to keep going.

After Chase called for help, they were quickly found and saved. The Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were able to find Steven and Abigail, who had moved away from their boat by about a mile and save them.

A spokesman for the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department said at a news conference that they were relieved with the good “outcome: “We had every resource we could have had coming quickly, and we’re happy to say that all three have been recovered and are doing well”.” Nothing could have gone better. Chase’s bravery and drive were very important in saving his family. He did some truly amazing things.

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