Kids have a penchant for picking up on things they shouldn’t and shocking their parents.

It can be bad, like when your youngster repeats your swearing. Sometimes it’s a life-affirming moment that leaves parents breathless.

Modesto guitarist Steven Converse. Daniel, his 2-year-old son, regularly watches his dad do music at home and learns a few songs. When Daniel unexpectedly sang Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Stop Falling In Love,” Steven and his wife were surprised and delighted.

Steven stated it was great to hear him memorise the words and sing it alone. Steven immediately encouraged Daniel’s musical passion. He put headphones on the youngster and played guitar with him as they recorded the song in his music studio. After Steven uploaded it to Facebook, it went viral.

first time testing the mike when he was 2,” Steven said on Facebook. “Requested Elvis. Our family watches this video daily.”
Daniel memorised the song! Before the video ends, the kid performs the first and second verses and chorus in his charming, innocent voice. He knows the tune but not every word!
This performance is especially astounding for individuals who “can’t carry a song in a bucket”! This small guy can pace himself to the rhythm, change inflections for different verses, and do this lovely song credit. Excellent, Daniel!

Watch Daniel perform below and share this wonderful tune.

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