‘2 Pizzas’ 911 Operator Realizes Scared Lady Is in Danger – Daily Drama
As her husband lost his job, Jane became abusive. She made a pizza call that changed her and her stepdaughter’s lives after discovering their lives were in danger.

dispatcher Denise She always wanted to be a police officer like her father.

She aspired to join the force, but her condition prevented her from passing the academy’s physical training. Denise had her legs amputated years earlier after a vehicle accident.
She knew her dream was over after that. She discovered her place on the police when her father urged her to try the 911 call response team.

Denise’s job was tough. Her everyday struggles were painful. Denise liked her job and felt born to do it.

Denise received a strange work call. She received prank calls daily in her business. It originally appeared like way. Something was strange about this pizza order.

Jane here. C—could… Could I order two pizzas ASAP? I’m desperate!” Jane whimpered.

“I think you have the wrong number, ma’am. “Goodbye,” Denise said, cutting.

“No! Don’t disconnect!” Jane pleaded.

“Ma’am, I promise you—” Jane interrupted Denise.

“Are you safe?”
“No… No error. Jane requested two pizzas from the pizzeria. Denise heard her panicked voice and sniffles like tears. She reconsidered.
“Okay, ma’am. I suspect you’re not ordering pizza. I have some questions. No or yes. Understood?” Denise stated.

Jane said yes.

“Are you safe?” Denise asked.

Jane said yes.

Don’t worry. I’m tracking your IP. Is anyone else here?” Denise typed feverishly to find the IP address.
“Yes. Please hurry. “We’re starving,” Jane remarked.

You and your daughter are in danger. Is it domestic? Denise asked, writing in her notepad.

“Yes. P—Please send the pizza as soon as possible,” Jane said.

“Okay. Jane, relax. “A man?” Denise asked.

Jane replied.
He’s armed? He’s alone? Denise asked.

“Who’s talking?” Hang up!
“Yes… Indeed, “Please, we’re starving,” Jane whispered.

“Alright. Jane, keep going. Your site is near completion. Does your house have a backdoor? Denise asked.

“Just the front door,” Jane replied. Denise then heard a man screaming on the phone.
“Who’s talking?” Hang up!

I got pizza for—” Jane began before the phone rang sharply and cut.

“Hello? Jane? Is Jane still there? Denise asked but lost the call.

Denise found their address and sent a team to Jane. After Jane cut the phone, the brigade arrived at the house. They arrived barely in time.
Jane’s husband was inebriated when they kicked the door. Jane and her kid huddled in the next room, crying bitterly. Beer and pizza boxes were everywhere.

The brigade arrested Jane’s husband on the scene and took Jane and her daughter to the police station. Jane knew her job’s requirements and didn’t become attached.

Yet this case intrigued her. She only cared about Jane and her daughter.

Jane wanted to thank Denise, so she called her. Denise met Jane after a detective acquaintance on Jane’s case contacted her.
Denise and Jane lunched. Jane brought Matilda. Jane and Matilda appreciated Denise’s assistance. Denise was thankful they were both safe.
He lost it last week when he saw Jane talking to a man at the grocery store. He imprisoned Jane and Matilda.

Denise was moved by Jane’s story and pledged to help. She didn’t have to. The court revoked Jane’s husband’s parental rights after his arrest. Jane adopted Matilda and loved her.
After two months of counselling with their new friend Denise, Jane and Matilda were able to rebuild their lives.

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