Over time, we’ve grown used to certain Hollywood relationship tropes. Young, attractive couples freely talk about their growing love on social media. Co-stars have secret affairs on set while being accused of adultery, and older men in their sixties or seventies date much younger, more beautiful women.

People often do nothing when these trends happen and just accept them as normal. But Pierce Brosnan bravely and without apologies went against these assumptions, even though he initially fit this stereotype.

To give you some background, Pierce has been happily married to Keely for twenty years and the two of them have two children. But lately, Keely has become the target of unfair and intolerable hatred, even though their relationship seems strong.

Pierce responded by standing up for his wife in public, showing that he loved and supported her no matter what. What he did sends a strong message:

Pierce loves everything about his wife’s body, no matter what other people think.

Pierce met American writer Keely Shaye Smith for the first time in 1994. He had just lost his first wife, Cassandra Harris, to ovarian cancer in 1991. He was heartbroken when she died and didn’t know how to raise their three kids by himself.

Keely came into his life at just the right time to give him support and help him enjoy the challenges and rewards of being a parent.

“Her friends told her they could help her lose weight.” But I love every curve in her body. I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Furthermore, she gave birth to our five children,” Pierce Brosnan said.

In 2001, they got married in Pierce’s home country and blessed their lives with two kids, Dylan and Paris.

In the twenty years that have passed, their friendship has only grown stronger. Pierce sent Keely a heartfelt letter for their 20th wedding anniversary not long ago. He said, “Happy anniversary, my dear Keely, my love forever grows with you.” He sent two pictures of the couple, one taken twenty years apart and showing how their relationship has grown and changed over the years.

Although there is no good reason to say anything bad about this couple, they are still getting bad reviews, mostly about Keely’s looks, especially her weight. The way people have responded is both shocking and depressing.

Some people don’t understand why Pierce, who is rich and famous, decided to marry a normal woman who is attractive and the right age for him instead of going after someone younger and more famous.

But Pierce’s love for Keely goes against old ideas about women and what makes them desirable. It questions the idea that women have to fit society’s standards of beauty and body size in order to be loved.

As people get older, their goals change, and they need less outside approval to feel confident and good about themselves. Pierce has made it clear that he loves Keely for who she is, not just how she looks.

When you promise to be with someone, you agree to change and grow with them. Love isn’t a one-time thing; it’s a bond that grows and changes over time.

Pierce said in an interview that some family members had suggested that Keely get weight loss surgery. However, he still loves her and thinks she is beautiful in every way. He likes her curves and flaws and doesn’t care what ignorant people on the internet say about her.

Pierce makes it clear that he has always been interested in Keely because of her personality and kind heart, not just because she is pretty. Since she became the mother of their children, his love for her has grown even stronger, and he works hard to earn her love.

Pierce doesn’t have to answer hurtful comments or explain why he still loves her after twenty years, but it’s sweet to see them showing their love in public as an older couple. It questions the unrealistic ideals that are put on women’s bodies and looks.

Their long-lasting love shows that desire and attraction are based on deep intellectual and emotional bonds, not on shallow ideas. There’s more to spending time with someone than just being physically attracted to them. It’s about connecting with them deeply and wanting to be with them more than anyone else.

The fact that Pierce is so devoted to Keely shows that views from other people shouldn’t matter. Being happy with your partner for a long time is possible if you respect them and accept their flaws.

These points of view don’t need to change anything; they’re just there to tell us that love goes beyond shallow arguments that change with the times. These useless arguments don’t matter as much as your love.

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