Nowadays, it’s easier and easier to think that people can find a reason to be offended by almost anything.

It might not be fair to call this generation a “snowflake” generation, but the world does feel like it is changing right now.

It’s sometimes a good thing to police each other, because some things that used to be normal have no place in modern society. But there are times when it seems like we’re going too far with our desire to police each other.

After putting up a sign that made people angry, an Oklahoma liquor store found itself in this tough spot…

We all want to live in a world without racism, sexism, and bullying, but I think we can all agree that there is a difference between putting an end to really bad things and acting upset to make a scene.

Most of the time, people are “outed” on the internet for anything they’ve done or said. You only need a few clicks to become the center of an online storm…

Oklahoma’s Midwest Wine and Spirits found this out when they put up a sign in their window that said, “Pull your pants up or don’t come in.”

“Try to be decent and treat other people with respect,” the warning said next. “No one wants to see your underwear.”

The first look doesn’t make it look like a big deal. They’re not criticizing a specific group or being unfair because of politics or religious views or anything else.

Still, many people were angry about the sign and the store’s opinion that they could tell others what they could and could not wear.

It wasn’t long before the sign was put on the internet, where arguements could go on. They didn’t stop there either.

According to sources, the show quickly went viral. Chad Gilbert, one of the shop managers, defended the sign by saying, “I know that some people wear their pants low as a fashion statement, but it doesn’t work for me, and I find it kind of offensive.”

“People who come in with their pants down are usually more likely to steal bottles,” a store worker said.

Sunshine Weatherby, a client from the neighborhood, said, “I can see how it could be like a church.” It might bother you that there are families there, but this is a liquor shop. Something worse took place in a booze store.

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