People who like old Hollywood stars think that Elizabeth Taylor is one of the best. It was well known that she was an American actor. People loved her because she was pretty, had beautiful violet eyes, and was very attractive on screen. She was one of the first names that people thought of when they wanted to think of an actor.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were together for a while. A few of the movies they were in together were “Cleopatra,” “The Taming of the Shrew,” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” These movies were where Elizabeth Taylor did some of her best and most famous work.

A lot of people talked about Elizabeth Taylor’s personal life as well as her very successful job.

In all, she was married eight times, and Richard Burton was her husband twice. Elizabeth Taylor finally got the family she always wanted, even though her love lives were not always easy.

With her second husband, she had Michael Wilding Jr. and Christopher Edward Wilding. With her third husband, she had Liza Todd. And when she married her fifth husband, Richard Burton, she adopted Maria.

Elizabeth Taylor had four children and ten grandkids after she died. Since she died, her grandkids, who are all grown up now, have been talking about the good times they had with her.

These are her grandchildren: Joshua Wilding, Caleb Wilding, Andrew Wilding, and Lowell Wilding are Christopher’s children. Quinn Tivey and Rhys Tivey are Liza Todd’s children, and Eliza Carson and Richard McKeown are Maria’s children.

There is a strong resemblance between Quinn and his late grandma. Both of them loved helping people who were having their own problems. Both of them had pretty eyes.

Elizabeth Taylor loved being a grandmother more than anything else, even though she was pretty, good at her job, active in politics, and had many boyfriends.

Ten grandkids were born to her, and all of them are now adults. According to her grandson Quinn, she used to give him advice while they watched movies and talk while they were in bed together.

Liza Todd is Quinn’s mom, and Taylor is his grandpa. In March 2021, Laela, another grandchild, talked about how Taylor became an activist to give people around the world a word of hope. Laela said Taylor was touched by AIDS early on and thought other people weren’t taking it seriously. So, she stepped up and honest brought it to everyone’s attention.

Taylor’s strong work ethic, devotion to her art, and love for it not only motivated many people, but it also had an effect on her own family. Laela explained, “She was the type of person who spoke out right away when she saw something wrong and never stopped doing so.”

It’s important to remember who she was, even if that’s not how people first think of her.

TODAY says that Elizabeth Taylor started two groups to help people with AIDS. The first was the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF) in 1991, and the second was the American Foundation for AIDS Research in 1985. She took part in both.

She now has a whole family working with these organizations because they want to carry on Taylor’s work to fight AIDS. It’s important to them. ETAF is run by everyone, even Quinn, Taylor’s grandson.

Quinn has worked for the foundation as an official and a representative, speaking for it in the US and other countries. As Taylor asked, he is also working to take care of her estate.

Quinn told PEOPLE in 2021 that he thinks Taylor would be glad that the fund is still helping people. He said that his grandmother started the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation 30 years ago to help people who have HIV or AIDS and those who are touched by the disease.

Quinn is proud that ETAF is carrying on Taylor’s work by educating politicians, raising awareness, correcting false information, and lowering fear and stigma. He is glad that the foundation is still going because it’s a big part of Taylor’s legacy. The fight against HIV/AIDS isn’t over yet. Quinn is sure that his grandmother would enjoy this. It is the project’s goal to change rules so that they are more in line with what we know from science. This will be done state by state.

Quinn also said that the “HIV Is Not A Crime” project’s work would have made Grandma very happy.

Grandma lived her life to the fullest and always stood up for what she thought was right. She wouldn’t give in to other people’s demands, and she wouldn’t support the status quo if she didn’t believe it was good for the people.

Quinn not only remembers his late grandma by carrying on the traditions she started, but he also looks a lot like her, especially with the bright eyes she gave him.

Since Taylor’s grandkids are both pretty on the outside and the inside, it seems likely that her memory will live on forever.

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