Michael Jordan Says “I Value My Reputation” as His Reason for Declining a $120 Million Advertising Campaign with Disney.
As the Walt Disney Company’s attempt to become more “woke” was met with failure, the company is already making hasty efforts to reinvent itself. Within a span of slightly less than two years, the theme parks were left desolate as guests cancelled their reservations, the company’s movies were a financial failure as a result of changes made to make them more appealing to a relatively small percentage of American viewers, and the former CEO was forced to return in an effort to save the failing business.

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The primary objective was to convince some well-known people to back the company while it transitioned back to focusing on family values. Unfortunately, the one and only person who could have made it work and the person with the most recognisable name in the world turned it down.

Michael Jordan turned down an offer from Disney to become the new name and face of the company in exchange for a sum of 120 million dollars.

Jordan’s longtime friend and publicist Joe Barron said this of his friend: “Mike is done with the whole social justice warrior thing. It is just too progressive for him to handle. If someone wants to be successful, they have to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and make the most of the natural skills they were born with in order to compete at a high level in their chosen sport. That is how simple it is to do.

In addition to Jordan’s commitment to make six appearances at Disney World, the Disney float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade would have requested that he ride it for ten consecutive years. In addition to that, he would spend the night at Cinderella’s castle with his family and friends and start each day by waving from the window.

Barron made the following observation: “They’ll need to perform better. That’s a ridiculous amount of wokeness to ignore for such a pitiful sum of money (only $120 million). Disney has not provided a response despite our repeated requests for a statement. Ever. Best of luck to the United States!

A child gives up his chance to buy the shoes of his dreams in order to give his friend in need some boots. As a small dog is taken by a coyote, the neighbor’s Rottweiler springs into action, and soon a truck pulls up to his house to reward him. — Story of the Day
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