I can’t go on, son, please take me home for Easter. I’ll sit in the corner and not annoy anyone.
«Please, son, take me home for Holy Easter, I will sit in the corner and be with you for a few days, I will cause no disturbance, I will be treated better in my house, I can no longer tolerate it».

“Daddy, you are acting like a child, you are taken care of here, provided with food and medicine, and you keep saying, “I want to go home.”

«I’m better at home».

«The holidays are only a few days away, I will definitely take you,» said the son.

«Long live my kid, I am proud of you. When I go home, we’ll visit your mother’s grave—did you bring flowers? She liked flowers.

He glanced at his father before looking away. After goodbye, he left. The father began counting the hours and promising the other patients he would go home shortly.

The son pondered on the sofa at home. He wouldn’t inform his wife. addressing his wife.

He begged his wife, «I will bring papa home for the holidays».

She snapped nervously.

«Your father’s TB could infect us. This holiday will also bring numerous guests.

The doctor claimed he’s no longer dangerous.

Do you trust doctors? They’re clueless.

Their talk ended.

On Easter morning, everyone went to church, then returned home to dine, drink their parents’ toasts, and instruct their children.

After the visitors left, they cleaned the table and flat and went to bed exhausted. Although being exhausted, the son could not sleep. Visited his father in the morning. The hospital corridors were abnormally empty.

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The nurse said several patients went home for Easter with their families. The son bowed his head and started walking up the stairs to the eighth floor, where his father’s hospital room was, he walked to the door, contemplating how he would apologise, and suddenly realised that his father’s bed was vacant. He ran to the doctor. The doctor whispered at the door.

«We tried everything, but he died. He died. He concluded that he was disappointed in life, his son, and himself for failing to produce a decent person.

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