At a wedding, Vin Diesel escorts Paul Walker’s daughter down the aisle.
The best part of being a bride is seeing your father accompany you down the aisle. Losing a father is tragic, therefore. On behalf of his adored co-star, Paul Walker, Meadow Walker’s father’s best friend, Vin Diesel, presented her away to her future husband. Paul’s passing in a car accident in 2013 is widely known. They got hitched on October 23, 2021. They captioned a collage of wedding photos, “We are married!”

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Field Walker
Diesel is regarded as Meadow Walker’s godfather. Her father was 15 when he died in a car accident on November 30, 2013. Paul Walker, her father, tragically perished too soon in an accident. At 40, he lost it.

Vin Diesel thinks Meadow is “Protective”
Vin Diesel prioritises his family. He and Meadow thereby safeguard Paul’s legacy. One of Meadow’s close friends remarked in an interview, “Meadow is so proud of her dad. She answers fan mail. She honours him online, keeps in touch with his family, and heeds the advice he gave her while he was still living.
He admitted to Extra that he guards his Goddaughter “very.” He co-starred with his best friend in a movie about fraternity that included fast cars and potent engines. He is still Meadow’s father.

“The Fast and Furious series is the idea that brotherhood can be established by bond and not necessarily blood,” Diesel noted. Fast & Furious so honours enduring kinship. 21 years ago, I never imagined that there would be more to life than a story and a picture. You are motivated to be enthusiastic and display it in the film by this other power. Love is resilient.

of Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton

A Dominican Republic wedding was organised by Allan Meadow. They uploaded numerous wedding photos to Instagram. At a wedding by the sea, Meadow walked down the aisle with Vin Diesel, her father’s closest friend. She wears a veil and a bridal gown. Diesel led Meadow while wearing a light blue casual suit, and Meadow grinned.

We couldn’t have imagined it being more peaceful and private, Meadow remarked. It was easy to understand. Louis and I were always clear on our goals. The gathering was small.
Walker and Diesel’s friendship
In 2001, Fast and Furious served as the catalyst. The closest friends of Brian O’Conner, Dominic Torreto, and Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are listed in that order. Paul appointed Diesel as Meadow’s godfather. Once Paul passed away, Diesel fathered her.
From Meadow’s early years until Paul’s sudden death, they were close. Since then, she has lived with Paloma Jiménez, Diesel’s life partner, and their three children, Pauline, Hania, and Vincent. “She counts Vin and his kids as family and will chat to them on days she’s struggling,” a source close to her stated. She guards them.

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Paul Walker was a person that Vin Diesel knew before Fast and the Furious. It hurts to lose a friend of a lifetime.

We were sad. Diesel stated to Entertainment Tonight in 2016 that the past three years had been the most difficult of his life due to the loss of his brother.
I’ve been to Brazil twice before, he continued. My brother Pablo and I have always been here. Deisel referred to Walker as Uncle Pablo a lot.

When he left Brazil without Paul Walker, he wept once more. Plenty of tissues, he answered. Last morning was difficult because of being here. Ironically, the cast reached out. His daughter Meadow emailed him.

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