Michael Jordan has expressed the desire to “slap some sense” into Colin Kaepernick, and he has said that he would like to do so.
Michael Jordan, a legend in the game of basketball, has recently made some contentious comments about Colin Kaepernick, a former quarterback. Jordan voiced his displeasure with Kaepernick’s choice to kneel during the playing of the national anthem, saying that he wishes he could “slap some sense” into Kaepernick.

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On a phone chat with ALLOD, Jordan became upset as he recalled memories of other black players, like as Colin Kaepernick, who kept their hands over their hearts during the playing of the national anthem.

Jordan continued by suggesting that Kaepernick should “give in” and stand for the national anthem, arguing that the years that Kaepernick spent not playing football won’t be regained no matter what he does. Jordan stated that Kaepernick “must detest the troops” and questioned the motivations behind Kaepernick’s protest by stating that he questioned the motivations behind the demonstration. He voiced his displeasure at the idea that Kaepernick would risk his career over the matter.

Despite the fact that Jordan raised his fist in support of Kaepernick’s cause, he was unable to ignore the players who kneeled during the playing of the national anthem. He argued that Kaepernick should have discussed his decision to protest in such a manner with a seasoned player before making the decision on his own.

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The comments made by Jordan have been criticised for being disrespectful and for displaying a lack of understanding regarding the motivation behind Kaepernick’s protest. Several people contend that Kaepernick’s protest was not intended to show contempt for the American flag or the soldiers who defend it, but rather to draw attention to the pervasive problem of racism and the violence of law enforcement.

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