This weekend, 16-year-old Korben’s daring outfit went viral on Twitter.
Nina Green, his mother, supported him by tweeting his attire.

Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston, Norfolk, students cheered when the student wore the skirt and jacket.

users went wild after a youngster said he donned a bright red skirt and glittery tuxedo jacket to prom.

Over the weekend, 16-year-old Korben’s bold fashion choice went viral after his mother, Nina Green, posted images of his amazing outfit to offer her support.

The BBC said that Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston, Norfolk, students and staff cheered as the student walked out with the ballgown skirt and glittering jacket.

Nina captioned her photos: ‘At age 12, my son declared he wanted to go to his school prom in a gown. We succeeded four years later.

‘I’m so proud of him for being true to himself and the welcome he got from his whole school was fantastic.’
She also tagged Michelle Visage, who replied, “Ohhhhhhhh absolutely!” You’re a gorgeous parent and your child’s a star.
Others praised Korben’s statement outfit.

One said, ‘He looks stunning, his outfit is amazing and I love his crown too. Hope he enjoyed prom.

Another replied, ‘Your son is wonderfully lovely in that crimson outfit and a crown of glory. One of the nicest prom dresses ever.

‘Happiness. That’s life’s purpose. Being cheerful. Realizing dreams. Being yourself is best. Third, these photographs are joyful.

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More than 3,000 people retweeted the post, including many celebrities, and 119,400 loved it.
Tweeting: Wow! I never expected the response to my son’s self-expression photos.

The support and optimism have overwhelmed the few bad ones, which we ignore. Let him enjoy his life.

She told the BBC: ‘As soon as he came out of the car, everyone just cheered and I was sobbing, some of the teachers were crying, because he was being who he wanted to be.
The following day, an admirer asked the 16-year-old, “Are you the boy in the red dress?” You’re great.

Mrs. Green said her kid always adored clothes. He performed as “sassy” drag queen Miss Frou Frou since his teens.

“He wanted to go as himself, while expressing his feminine side – with a tuxedo on the top and a frock at the bottom, very much influenced by [American actor] Billy Porter,” Mrs. Green said.

‘He wanted to be Korben in a dress.’

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