After fire damages wife’s face, husband won’t leave her.
He refuses to leave wife after horrible fire damages her face—shows true love.
A wild fire caught former model Turia Pitt during a marathon in Australia. The doctors weren’t convinced she would survive 65% burns. Michael Hoskin, her lover, abandoned his police career to care for her full-time. He supported her during tough times.

“I thought about Michael.”
Turi had 200 surgeries after the fire. She spent two years recovering from serious burns and losing seven fingers. Pitt called the fire a “bubbling feeling of panic.”

“I recall the scorching Kimberley sun hammering down, searing my already scorched skin,” she writes on her website. Accidentally sitting on a bull ant nest. Staring in astonishment as ants swarmed my legs. I spit out boiling water when I tried to drink it. I saw my skin adhered to pebbles and spinifex.”

She thought of her guy. She recalled thinking about her Michael. “Think of his warm face, his honey voice, and his golden skin,” I told myself. Remember Michael… The sun sank, the heat dissipated, and the breeze cooled. “I don’t know if I can remain much longer,” I said. I recall salvation.” [1]

Helicopter rescue. Eventually, Pitt discovered the helicopter pilot was Paul Cripp, who risked his life to save her and other runners. Pitt called him her saviour. “… He was flying me to physicians, nurses, hospital air conditioning, and a drink of cold water. I had no idea how perilous it was for him to fly down the gorge to us. Guts and expertise balanced the chopper on one skid.
Michael proposed to Turia in 2015 with a diamond ring he bought four years earlier when she was in intensive care. To heal, Turia wore a mask for two years. Michael said, “You’re beautiful,” throughout her rehabilitation. They were thrilled to marry in 2016. Seven years of struggle.

“I never considered sleeping with my spouse. I’m blessed to sleep with this handsome dude. Turia Pitt stated, “He’s good and I’m blessed to have him.” “Every morning with Michael is great.” [2]

The couple rebuilt after the fire. “She doesn’t want pity. “She wants to move on,” Michael remarked. She’s stunning.

Having Kids
“Did you at any moment consider about leaving her and hiring someone to take care of her and moving on with your life?” Michael was asked in an interview.

“I married her spirit, her character, and she’s the only lady that will continue to fulfil my dreams,” he replied. [3]

Turia wrote, “Stoked to have this lovely man in my life!” on their engagement announcement. I love you because you bring out my finest.
Turia confirmed her first pregnancy on Instagram in 2017. She maintained her fitness despite not racing a marathon that year.

Michael and Turia welcomed Hakavai on December 7, 2017. Rahiti, their second son, was born on February 9, 2020.
Turia replied, “Becoming parents impacted my relationship with Michael.”

“Michael has always reminded me of the greater picture, through my rehabilitation and now as parents. I always challenge myself and encourage others, but I think the most important thing in life is your relationships with others.” [4]

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