Little youngsters often get their first skates. If a three-year-old learns to stand confidently on the ice, they will be skating enthusiastically by four.

They’ll fall, but they’ll rise. It’s worth learning.

Undoubtedly, figure skating may be stressful. Like dancing and sports, it may teach discipline and respect for hard work.

We don’t know why Brynn Cartagena’s mother selected skating for her, but she’s grown a lot of composure in a short time.

A 2014 YouTube video showing the 3-year-old girl’s adorable abilities has garnered over 2.1 million views.
The caption says Valerie’s daughter has been skating for 8 weeks.

She’s mastered more than any of us. She can stop, cruise, and dance.

She smiles and waves as she skates, charming spectators. She’s charismatic.
She looks happy. She can wiggle backwards, which is difficult.

Brynn’s “The Muffin Man” performance made many spectators laugh.

This was adorable! “When it began, it put a huge smile on my face, then when the muffin man song played, I lost it, I died haha,” a commenter remarked.
Brynn won her age group at the 2014 Magnolia Open Skating Tournament.

She didn’t realise it, but she was having fun when she skated towards her mother after her performance.

Even years later, many praised and supported her in the comments.

See her three-year-old debut below.

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