Amber Luke, who is 24 years old, refers to herself as ‘Blue Eyed White Dragon’ after becoming blind following the implantation of an eyeball tattoo. The name is also derived from an ancient trading card game, in which one of the most renowned and powerful cards was a “Blue-Eyes White Dragon.”

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The girl has spent over $26,000 on tattoos, piercings, and implants that have completely altered her appearance. Amber has 200 tattoos covering her entire body, breast augmentations, and cheek and lip enhancements. She added pointed ear implants as well.

was having blue ink injected into her irises by a tattoo artist. Amber describes how she felt while speaking with Barcroft Television.

Once the ink had penetrated my retina, it felt as if ten shards of glass had been rubbed into it.
According to Amber, she experienced excruciating agony four times per eye, and unfortunately, she went blind after the procedure.

“My artist penetrated my retina too deeply. If your ocular procedure is performed properly, you should not go blind at all.

“I lost my vision for three weeks. That was extremely brutal. So no more tongue splitting, no more ocular tattooing.”

Amber’s mother, Vikki, broke down in tears when her daughter decided to alter the colour of her eyeballs.

would you do that to yourself when you are aware of the risk? Some children will do as they please regardless of what we say. But I brought her into the world with the best talents I could, the best that I could give her, and now all I can do is accompany her on her journey. And support and adore her.”

Vikki continued, “She never considered herself attractive. She did not perceive herself in my gaze. However, I have supported her because I could see the transformation, the development, and how it has shaped her into the person she is today.
This 40-minute procedure carries a high risk of permanent blindness, as revealed by Amber.
Amber also released a photo of herself as a 14-year-old student. She “truly despises” the Amber from that time period. She stated, “That was not me.”

“It wasn’t until I turned 16 that I found an outlet that allowed me to discharge all my negative energy.
Amber has no misgivings regarding the alterations she has made to her body, and she will not be concerned with her future appearance. She does not believe she will be even remotely attractive as an elderly woman.

She’s also received varied responses. And to the negative ones, she prioritises waking up as a joyful person, so long as no one is harmed in the process.

I received a great deal of support and positive energy from total strangers; there were always a few spiteful, opinionated individuals who tried to make me feel inadequate, but I never let them affect me.

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